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Create innovative solutions to real-world challenges using’s 4-step process
Conduct user interviews and synthesize learnings to uncover insights and identify opportunities for innovation
Bring ideas to life using prototypes to test with real users and identify promising solutions to implement

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Course Syllabus



5 reading guides

5 workshop guides to structure your own human-centered design project

7 videos featuring Tim Brown, David Kelley, Patrice Martin of IDEO, and more

Supplemental resources



Introduction and the Beginner’s Mind

Icebreaker: Visual Telephone

Discussion: Introduction to Human-Centered Design

Activity: Mini Design Challenge to Design a Better Commute


Inspiration Phase

Activity: Choose Your Design Challenge

Discussion: Team Knowledge and Key Assumptions

Activity: Plan Your Research

Activity: Build an Interview Guide

Activity: Conduct Your Research


Ideation Phase

Discussion: Share Stories and Learnings from User Research

Activity: Cluster Insights into Themes

Activity: Create Insights Statements

Activity: Create ‘How Might We’ Questions


Prototyping Phase

Activity: Brainstorm

Activity: Select Your Best Ideas

Activity: Gut Check

Activity: Create a Storyboard

Discussion: Determine What to Prototype

Activity: Start Prototyping

Activity: Test Your Prototype and Get Feedback


Implementation Phase

Activity: Create an Action Plan

Activity: Create a Pitch

Activity: Share Your Solution


Discussion: Moving Forward

Course Description

In this hands-on course, the pioneers of human-centered design will guide you through a four-step process for designing breakthrough ideas. This creative approach to problem-solving will challenge you to get out into the real world and test your ideas so you can arrive at exciting, unexpected solutions tailored to the needs of the people you serve.
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Supporters is a non-profit design studio. They design products and services alongside organizations that are committed to creating a more just and inclusive world. They are experts in human-centered design, a creative approach to problem solving.


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Our challenge-based courses are designed to help you build practical skills in a team setting.

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Team Courses

Our challenge-based courses are designed to help you build practical skills in a team setting.


Free multi-week courses


Designed for group learning


Offered on a rotating schedule

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