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From an Expert: How to Build Your Board
With 30 years of experience managing and reporting to boards, Carlyle Singer walks us through what you need to build a strong nonprofit or social enterprise board.
IKEA Social Entrepreneurship & Acumen Academy Award $50,000 to Social Enterprises in East Africa
Over the course of five months, 19 organizations joined our East Africa Accelerator — a 19-week program designed to accompany social enterprises working to alleviate poverty and create opportunity.

Imagine and Develop Your Idea

Finding Community in Crisis
Ethiopian-based businesses accompany each other to scale impact even further

Redefine Success

Meet the 2020 Acumen Fellows in the United Kingdom
Meet the 2020 UK Acumen Fellows and discover how they are bridging divides in the UK and building a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future for all.
9 Awardees Carving Sustainable Pathways to Social Progress
Student-led enterprises unearth solutions to uproot inequality in a diverse range of disciplines in The Rockefeller Foundation-Acumen Student Social Innovation Challenge virtual track.
10 Must-Listen Podcasts for Every Social Change-Maker
Get informed and inspired by 10 of the best podcast episodes we've heard for social change-makers this year.

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