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What You’ll Learn

Learn the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset for nonprofit fundraising and why you should not feel fear or shame when asking for money
Evaluate the different sources of nonprofit funding, including foundations, governments, businesses, wealthy donors, small donors, and earned revenue
Understand the process of developing a budget and recognizing your funding gaps
Identify potential donors who share your values and build lasting relationships, rather than transactions
Share your nonprofit’s impact with storytelling strategies and win supporters for your social or environmental cause

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Course Syllabus


Learning Tools

6 reading guides

5 workshop guides to structure your team discussions and project

10 articles, case studies, and interviews

12 videos covering a range of topics


Section 1: An Entrepreneurial Approach to Funding Your Nonprofit

Reading: An Entrepreneurial Mindset and Diversified Funding Model

Reading: Building Authentic Relationships and Fundraising Without Fear

Reading: Fundraising Begins with Your Mission and Impact

Article: In Defense of Raising Money: A Manifesto for Nonprofit CEOs

Case Study: From Learn Origins, Buzz Women Seeks a Funding Model for Scale

Interview: Caren Wakoli, Founder of Emerging Leaders Foundation

Video: Sasha Dichter on the Fundraising Mindset

Videos: Taking an Entrepreneurial Approach and Building Authentic Relationships in Fundraising

Workshop Activity: Refine your organization’s mission statement and theory of change


Section 2: Funding Models and Diversification

Reading: The Benefits of Diversification and Funding Experimentation

Reading: Comparing Sources of Nonprofit Funding

Interview: Kathy Bergs, Chief Development Officer at Peace Parks Foundation

Case Study: Krupa Patel, Co-Founder of Anza

Case Study: For Youth Volunteering Network Bhumi, Volunteers are a Fundraising Asset

Videos: Sources of Funding and When to Say No to a Funding Opportunity

Workshop Activity: Evaluate your past approach to fundraising, research peer organizations, and select a funding source to pursue


Section 3: Budgets and Fundraising Goals

Reading: Understanding Your Organizational Budget

Reading: Communicating About Your Financial Health

Reading: Cost Allocation

Reading: Preparing a Grant Proposal Budget

Interview: Lynda Mansson, Director General of MAVA Foundation

Workshop Activity: Assess your organizational budget, identify your funding gaps, and set measurable fundraising goals


Section 4: Building a Community of Donors and Partners

Reading: Defining Your Value Proposition

Reading: Identifying Prospective Donors

Reading: Understanding a Donor’s Priorities and Motivations

Reading: Making the Ask

Reading: Stewarding the Relationship Over Time

Interview: Stephanie Speirs on Overcoming the Fear of Fundraising

Case Study: Shiksharth Learns How to Fundraise in Conflict-Affected Chhattisgarh

Videos: Tactics for Nonprofit Fundraising, Making Your Pitch, and Learning From Mistakes

Workshop Activity: Draft a donor persona and write a case for support


Section 5: Storytelling and Communications

Reading: Storytelling to Create Connection and Motivate Action

Reading: Building Your Communications Strategy

Reading: Evaluating Your Website

Case Study: Etnosfera on Crowdfunding Surprise in Rural Colombia

Workshop Activity: Building on all course sections, create your nonprofit’s fundraising plan

Course Description

This hands-on course will introduce entrepreneurial mindsets and practical tactics for bringing your fundraising efforts to the next level. You will learn how to select funders and revenue streams that are the right fit for your nonprofit. You will review your budgets to recognize your funding gaps and set fundraising goals. You will explore strategies for identifying potential donors, building relationships, and making an ask for funding. You will use storytelling and communications to build your audience of supporters and inspire people to give. The course culminates with combining these elements of effective fundraising into a strategic funding plan for your organization.
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Team Courses

Our challenge-based courses are designed to help you build practical skills in a team setting.


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